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About Fair

Tourism is an activity that is most frequently associated with rest and relaxation, sports, access to culture and nature, and therefore should be planned and practiced as a privileged means of individual and collective fulfillment encouraging people to open their minds, as an irreplaceable factor of self-education, mutual tolerance and learning about legitimate differences between nations, regions, cultures.

Tourism is the most dynamic and the most competitive economic branch in Croatia, whose share in GDP is approaching 10%.

Enormous potential for tourist supply growth lies in the development and enhancement of specific forms of tourism, both in the coastal and continental areas.

Creating an attractive and diverse offer will result in an extended tourist season compliant with the objectives of the action "CROATIA 365”.

At its exhibition spaces the Zagreb Fair prepares from 26 to 28 November 2016 the International Tourism Fair ITF Zagreb, with the primary aim to create an attractive offer by presenting various specific forms of tourism to the domestic and international outgoing markets with special interests.

Include ITF Zagreb into your business plan for 2016.

Prepare for participation in the event and invite your business partners because this is the best possible way to accomplish your goals, present your successes and get the corporate public and professionals acquainted with your work at your exhibition space.

ITF is the unique and the most effective marketing tool at the national level for the promotion of your diverse tourist supply and for bringing together all stakeholders in tourism.

We are expecting you!