Conditions of exhibiting

A year ago the coronavirus pandemic discontinued a large number of activities overnight, among the first were trade fairs due to their gathering of a large number of people.

Many publishers and our other exhibitors were left without direct placement of their products and contacts with customers, and Zagreb Fair closed its doors for trade fairs and all other events for several months and also suffered significant financial damages.

With periodic relaxation of epidemiological measures, from September to June, Zagreb Fair pavilions reopened for hybrid fairs and conferences, various business gatherings, concerts, Zagreb City Assembly sessions, outlet shops, logistic support for local elections and emergency services.

In anticipation of a significant improvement of the epidemiological situation and the permission to organize trade fairs indoors, in September we will continue where we left off more than a year ago.

Exceptionally this year Interliber will be held from 28 September - 3 October. Interliber will offer the same conditions of exhibiting: unchanged price of the exhibition space, quantity discounts, discount for timely registration, discount for domestic exhibitors. In addition, all exhibitors will be granted additional 10% discount on the price of the non-arranged exhibition space as yet another benefit for participation in the fair and an incentive for the publishing industry.

Exhibitors can cancel their exhibiting at the fair for justified epidemiological reasons within 30 days prior to the beginning of the fair without financial obligations (until the invoice for the ordered services is issued on 14 September 2021). However, should the cancellation occur after the stand arrangement project had been confirmed to the Zagreb Fair Technical Service, the ordered arrangement service must be settled.

For all additional information, please check the General Terms and Conditions of Exhibiting that are the component part of the application form for exhibiting at Zagreb Fair.