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Two traditional biennial fairs INTERGRAFIKA, the International Printing and Paper Industry Fair and MODERNPAK, the International Packaging Materials and Packaging Technology Fair will take place at the Zagreb Fair from 5 - 7 June.

In the pavilion 5 a total of 43 exhibitors from 13 countries will be presented.

Participating countries: Croatia, India, Italy, Japan, China, Hungary, Netherlands, Germany, Romania, USA, Slovenia, Serbia, Turkey.

The International Printing and Paper Industry Fair INTERGRAFIKA is the regional show of modern world technology achievements in the printing industry. The leading world manufacturers KONICA MINOLTA, ROLAND, 3M, RICOH, XEROX, MUTOH, FALK ROSS as well as regional leaders in production materials and equipment distribution TRGOFORTUNA, CRON, GEA-DATA, PRINTING SOLUTIONS have confirmed their participation.

The specialized Packaging Materials and Packaging Technology Fair MODERNPAK is the meeting point of manufacturers and consumers – users of packaging. It brings together the branch in the field of production and application of packing and distribution of goods. At the same time, it presents the latest trends and innovations in the packing technology as well as contemporary solutions for ecologically acceptable packaging.

The confirmation of participation of all significant world and home producers of the equipment, finished products, auxiliary materials in the segment of the printing, paper, packaging materials and packaging technology is an indication that INTERGRAFIKA and MODERNPAK are the most significant printing and packaging industry fairs in the region.

Today's customers are looking for different, innovative and personalized solutions and products. Both the printing and the packaging industry must adapt to their needs.

Trade fairs offer a comprehensive insight into the newest trends and innovations from both industries, direct business contacts and live meetings with renowned domestic and foreign exhibitors. The corporate and the general public will be shown the path from the design through printing right up to the sale and presentation of the finished product to end users.

Over the years MODERNPAK and INTERGRAFIKA have turned into an unavoidable business and promotional gathering of suppliers, customers and experts from the country and abroad. They are a venue for presentation of world famous brands and state-of-the-art technologies, enriched by expert gatherings dealing with the most current topics from the industry.

Continuous training is an important factor if you wish to be competitive at the market and that is why we have complemented the exhibition segment of the fair with a rich professional programme in cooperation with the Faculty of Graphic Arts from Zagreb, North University and School of Graphic Arts, Design and Media Production from Zagreb and the Croatian Chamber of Economy.
The Faculty of Graphic Arts will hold lectures on the following topics:

  • Offset print
  • Digital print
  • 3D print
  • Interactive multimedia solutions  

We wish to highlight the following events: 

  • Mario Barišić: The latest trends in automated sheetfed offset print on the Manroland Evolution machine
  • Tomislav Ivičinec: Tex-Flex technology
  • DIPA CAR WRAP SHOW – vehicle wrapping with top quality 3M foils 

KONICA MINOLTA with a special emphasis on IT infrastructure, provides consulting, implementation and management, document processing and solutions for production printing.
PRESS PRINT is selling and servicing all CTP devices for flexo and offset printing in the Western Balkans. By representing the manufacturer of the most trusted CTPs - CRON company, it brings the most optimal solution for the printing form production. Free maintenance is the quality assurance of the device, which gives its users the best competitive advantage in business. That is why they have sold 54 Cron CTPs, two of which were Flexo HDI, 920 and 1600 cm wide with 9600dpi.

In addition to CRON, they also offer top quality offset and flexo developers - McLantis as well as CTsP (7in1 CTP) that illuminates the screens, CTcP and UV analog offset plates, magnesium, copper, tampon, letterpress and flexo cliches, at maximum resolution up to 25,400dpi.

To expand the offer, they have enriched their portfolio with: Heights developers, SW finishing machines for luxury packages, AGI flexo developers, Techkon measuring instruments, Studio RIP, Hybrid, Kodak Prinergy Evo and Xitron RIPs for flexo.
GEA DATA d.o.o. – T-SHIRT WORKSHOP – equipment and production materials for textile print | Stahls Europe thermo presses, thermo foils and accessories | T-shirt print | StartUp packages for beginners | sublimation on cotton - SubliOnCotton | sublimation on cups - Sublisplash | education and workshops.
Presentations of Stahls equipment and materials intended for thermo and sublimation print on various textile products. Workshops on how to apply thermo print technique and on sublimation print on cups and solid materials. Presentation of StartUp packages for beginners and their purpose. Sublimation on cotton. Low Cost print technology on cotton T-shirts.

IT GRAF – along with already known products, 3D stickers and tex-flex technology, meet I.T.-GRAF in a completely different way. Integration, standardization, automatization and management of the entire production process are novelties positioning I.T.-GRAF at the highest level of quality and customer satisfaction.
FALK&ROSS – with more than 2,550 styles of 52 leading world brands, 40 mil. pcs. on stock to guarantee large availability and excellent service by a professional team, European leader in distribution of promotional textiles. Besides a large selection of styles of all major international brands they will present exclusive brands – it will be an excellent opportunity to discover something new and different that might help you create new business opportunities.
Meet SGTee, the perfect T-shirt for printing regardless of the technique. Do not miss the rest of the SG collection, a variety of colourful styles available in a wide range of sizes for men, women and children

Are you looking for something youthful and trendy? Nakedshirt offers T-shirts, polo shirts and long sleeve shirts in various types of fabric, including organic cotton, and without tags to enable product customization FDM - quality hoodies for leisure time, work, university and school. Available in a variety of colours to suit your needs
With a range of 50 colours, Jassz Bags cotton shopping bags are a perfect choice for each activity. Jassz Towels and Jassz Bistro bring a unique palette of quality textile for gifts, promotional purposes and hospitality industry

Do not miss SG Footprints, textile shoes to print on! Made for decoration – Let your creativity run free – Leave your mark  

VIRO ZAGREB – from the printing industry segment they will display the automatic plasticizer KOMFI SAGITTA 76 with palletizing and paper exposure with the OTF “over toner foil“ function, capacity up to 60 m/min. The machine is equipped with an advanced heating system that is divided into 5 segments, an automated two-step insertion head and KOMFI systems that enable high-quality and professional plasticization.

In the packaging industry segment they will present the semi-automatic machine ITALIAN PACK OLYMPUS with the advanced SKIN technology for packing of meat, ready-made meals and foodstuffs with longer expiry dates and attractive packaging. Italian Pack Olympus has the capacity of up to 28 trays/min in the welding programme, 16 trays/min in the M.A.P. programme and 12 trays/min in the SKIN programme.

DIPA – Dipa d.o.o. company from Zagreb engages in wholesale of machines and production materials for digital print, ranging from printers, cutters, thermo presses, auxiliary machines, laminators, engraving machines, demo and used machines to various dyes and foils. At Intergrafika they will present the latest products from their assortment with a special emphasis on the new Roland VG2 printer/cutter, Roland LEF2-200 uv printer and Roland BT-12 printer for direct print on textile. They will also provide CAR WRAP training and get all interested people acquainted with novelties such as 3M, Politape, Guandong etc.

GRAFO SERVIS - Gerhard Busch TB 26 is a new perfected model of the popular wrapping machine TB 24. It can wrap with layered natron sheets (brown or white) or PP foil. 20% higher efficiency, tuning without tools, simple operation are the features of TB 26. The machine is 100% made in Germany.
TIFT marking/coding – has a large experience in the field of industrial print and marking on various materials. TiFT company guarantees high quality and reliable machines for product and packaging marking. It cooperates only with suppliers of high-quality products. Innovations and advanced solutions will be presented in the marking systems by renowned manufacturers such as Hitachi, Evolabel, Matthews, Datalogic, Toshiba, CAB, Riener, Koding Jet etc.

The fairs Intergrafika and Modernpak will be officially inaugurated by Mr. Milan Bandić, Mayor of the City of Zagreb, on 5 June 2019 at 14,00 h in the pavilion 5 of the Zagreb Fair.
WORKING HOURS                                                                            

  • 10.00 - 19.00 h

Admission for trade visitors is free with prior registration.

Croatian Railways Passenger transport will grant visitors from Croatia and Slovenia 40% discount to the return ticket price.


It will be available to journalists during the entire run of the fairs. Phones: 01/6503-524, e-mail: