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Starting from the fact that business and everyday life are changed by an extensive use of technology; knowing that AI is reality and not the distant future, and being aware of all the challenges faced by the exhibition industry, the participants of the International conference “Exhibition industry - disruptor or disruptee?” concluded as follows: 

  • the exhibition industry, as well as many other activities and branches of the economy undergo market changes, thus ensuring a more proactive, multifunctional approach
  • the technology is used in almost all invisible aspects that are necessary in the organization of trade fairs, from the design to applications for visitors
  • strengthening the digitized approach does not mean to abandon the relationship of direct communication between potential business partners; digital tools still provide trade fair organizers with a fuller picture before, during and after the fair, with a handful of feedback information so valuable for getting an idea of needs and wishes of the client
  • exhibitors/partners expect and measure return on investment; therefore, a tailor-made approach will be more pronounced and the organizers will face even bigger responsibilities to train quality staff for such tasks 
  • although it is becoming increasingly trendy, virtual exhibiting will not replace the direct approach for a long time; nonetheless simultaneously the organizers are expected to interconnect multiple trade fair platforms