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CroAgro and Food and Healthy Living Fairs

CROAGRO, the International Fair of Agriculture, Agricultural Equipment and Machinery, and Food and Healthy Living Fairs will be held in parallel from 1 to 4 December at Zagreb Fair.

CroAGRO and Food and Healthy Living Fairs are an important platform for presenting all topics in the field of agriculture, food and sustainable living, recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Croatia and the City of Zagreb that are supporting the fairs. The partners of the fair are the Croatian Chamber of Agriculture, the Croatian Agency for Agriculture and Food, the Faculty of Agriculture in Zagreb and the Faculty of Agrobiotechnical Sciences in Osijek.

At the fairs, 292 exhibitors from 21 countries will exhibit at more than 16,000 m2 of exhibition space in 6 pavilions: 7, 7a, 8, 8a, 9 and 11a.

PARTICIPATING COUNTRIES: Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Croatia, Ireland, Italy, India, Israel, Hungary, Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Poland, Portugal, USA, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Sweden.

CroAGRO - A fair that agriculture deserves

During the four days of the fair, Zagreb Fair will be dominated by powerful state-of-the-art agricultural machinery and equipment, means for agricultural production, preservation and storage after harvesting, up to planting materials, different types of seeds and plant protection materials.

CroAGRO is the only agricultural fair in Croatia that takes place in indoor, heated and arranged spaces.

The exhibition, professional and educational segments of this fair include agricultural machinery and equipment, agricultural and food products, seedlings and seeds, means for plant protection and increasing the natural soil fertility, as well as all necessary equipment and raw materials for production.

Based on the market interest, suggestions of the branch and the requests of exhibitors, the fair will be held during a pause in agricultural activity and according to the organizational standard of international trade fair organizers.

This term is ideal for negotiating the new agricultural season and meetings with business partners in the atmosphere of the holiday season, with promotional offers and novelties. Companies representing renowned machinery brands have announced the presentation of the latest models of tractors, harvesters and attachments.

The national and central fair on this topic will feature high-tech products and services of all relevant entities in the agriculture and food industry sector, along with B2B meetings and the exchange of experience and knowledge.

Professional and accompanying programme

In addition to the rich exhibition segment visitors can expect accompanying events of promotional, sales and congress character.

Great attention is paid to the professional programme that will take place on six stages, from which we wish to highlight the panel discussion of the Faculty of Agriculture in Zagreb with the topics of Food Quality, Urban Agriculture, Renewable Energy Sources and Emission Quotas of Greenhouse Gases, as well as current topics Food Production in the Republic of Croatia - Is Pig Farming Dying Out?, Green Plan and Sustainable Agriculture and Digital Agriculture organized by the Faculty of Agrobiotechnical Sciences in Osijek. Also, the seminar AgriFood-Tech@CroAgro 2022 - Innovative Technologies for Agriculture and the Food Industry: Opportunities and Challenges will be organized by the Italian Trade Agency in Zagreb.

Vocational secondary schools and universities will educate on how to become an expert in agriculture. They will be promoted and presented to future attendees through professional lectures.

Food and Healthy Living Fairs

are the national event on the topic of food, healthy living and restoration of natural balance of man through a complementary approach. The emphasis is on a healthy lifestyle and return to nature and the sustainable way of life.

From year to year the Healthy Living Fairs with their distinctive segments Organica&Kronoplja, APItera, Mystic and Food are recording an increasing interest from visitors, exhibitors and experts.

Portugal, India and Italy are featured at this year’s fair through their economic, gastronomic and cultural activities with an accompanying professional programme.

Rich offer of the fair

In addition to the exhibition segment, the fair is recognized by the public for a number of gatherings and conferences on current topics in cooperation with domestic and foreign experts. Numerous interesting and educational lectures, seminars, congresses, presentations and workshops will be held.

Home and foreign producers of healthy food, food supplements, herbal preparations and products, teas, honey and products thereof as well as various industrial hemp products, will feature a different, healthier approach to life and interesting innovations from their gardens and kitchens where they practice non-conventional and sustainable techniques for improving the quality of life.

Healthy cooking workshops will be held every day, as well as the preparation of healthy juices in new generation juicers with the possibility of tasting. The Indian Embassy will organize daily yoga classes, and Hotel Kornjak from the island of Iž, the only vegetarian hotel in Croatia, will be featured with the aim and vision of combining spiritual and physical rest into a unique and original whole.

The fair will present exclusive products in the field of air and water purification, natural highly alkaline water, new flavors of chickpea spreads, cosmetics based on high-quality essential oils and hemp, buckwheat products, a mini system for growing herbs in your own household, natural detergents and fabric softeners, programs for personal development, quantum medicine, Ayurvedic cosmetics and nutritional supplements, delicacies from Portugal, Croatian original honey - national jar, etc.

The Largest Nutritional Counseling Center in this part of Europe awaits you at the Food and Healthy Living Fairs (gluten free zone, for athletes, diabetics).

An innovation will also be presented - the salad in a capsule. These are microcapsules that protect and feed plants, all with the intention of reducing the consumption of pesticides and artificial fertilizers in agriculture. Also, at the fair you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with healthy Croatian-made chips.

A large number of practitioners of various methods and techniques of complementary medicine will participate, presenting their services to visitors at promotional prices or for free at their exhibition spaces.

We would like to emphasize Krešimir Mišak's lecture on the topic of transhumanism, as well as the lecture of the Kronoplja Association on the health effects of industrial hemp products. Gordana Hegić, PhD, will hold a lecture on "Truths and Misconceptions About Honey". At the fair, the Portuguese region of Ribatejo will be presented through the "Roadshow Croatia/Portugal" event with the aim of promoting business and investment relations between the two countries.

14th International HUPED Congress

The partner of the Food and Healthy Living Fairs - HUPED, will once again organize the traditional 14th International Congress on the topic: "Scientific Evidence in Non-Conventional Medicine". Scientists and experts from all over the world (USA, UK, France, Ukraine, Slovenia, Austria, Germany...) will present their research and experiences in this field.

The main topic of this year's Congress is aromatherapy properties of essential oils in the innovative products of the company Lavylites that has received numerous world awards for quality and effectiveness. Tests carried out by the Croatian institute IPED have shown that Lavylites products are highly effective on the human bioenergy field, provide strong protection against harmful radiation and also possess aromatherapy properties.

Other topics of the Congress are as follows: healing proven by medical findings, exchange of experience in therapeutic and healing work, new discoveries, products, devices, nutritional supplements and therapeutic and healing methods, research on the therapeutic effect of medical hemp, legal regulation, status, education and permanent training of therapists and healers.



The official opening will be held on 1 December 2022 at 11.00 h at the Zagreb Fair Congress Hall.



  • Thursday - Saturday  10.00 - 19.00 h
  • Sunday  10.00 - 18.00 h


  • Thursday - Sunday 10.00 - 19.00 h


  • Single admission ticket  HRK 20.00
  • Permanent admission ticket HRK 60.00


Located in the pavilion 11A the press center will be available to journalists every day during the run of the fairs.

Phone: +385 1 6503 524, e-mail: Press accreditations with prior registration at can be obtained at the information desk, South Gate of Zagreb Fair.