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Zagreb Fair CEO, Dina Tomšić, PhD, was elected a member of the Board of Directors of the exhibition industry global umbrella organization UFI - The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, from the European quota of countries for a three-year term.

With her election, for the first time in history the City of Zagreb and the Republic of Croatia will get their member in the UFI Board of Directors and thus the opportunity to promote the destination and support the economy of the city and the state through international fair projects.

Elections to the UFI Board are held every three years. During this process, the members elect a truly global body with representatives from UFI chapters around the world. The Board of Directors is tasked with implementing decisions taken by the General Assembly, developing UFI policy, and preparing all proposals related to matters affecting international trade fairs.

After thorough preparation, these proposals are submitted for vote to UFI members at the annual General Assembly. The Board of Directors is comprised of a maximum of 60 members.

"Digitalization has brought evolutionary and the emergence of the pandemic revolutionary shifts for the industry. Therefore, the fair business model is rapidly changing towards building long-term resilience and reinvention. The post-pandemic new reality has accelerated the evolutionary and digital transformation of the exhibition industry since it partially prevents it from relying on its old core competencies, which means it must develop new ones to rely on in the future. Thus, the new key competence is the ability to deliver high value-added capacity to participants in a real and virtual dimension, with an emphasis on an innovative interactive user experience and involvement.

Digital channels have mitigated the effects of the pandemic and accelerated the development of digital events. However, it was the outbreak of the pandemic that reaffirmed the extent to which socialization, and consequently live, face-to-face contact, is a lasting and intrinsic human need.

Virtual events will not be able to fully replace physical ones, but that is why physical events will not be able to do without a virtual upgrade. A strong turn towards hybrid events with significantly more digital elements, which will enrich the interpersonal experience, is the new normality of the exhibition industry
", said Mrs. Tomšić on that occasion.