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At the opening of the International conference "Exhibition industry - diruptor or disruptee? all attendees were welcomed by Mrs. Dina Tomšić, PhD, Zagreb Fair Director, Mrs. Ana Mandac, Assistant Minister of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts. The Conference was inaugurated by Mr. Milan Bandić, Mayor of Zagreb.

"Today is a day to share good energy, good news, and new knowledge. This conference is our contribution to the exhibition industry of Croatia and the region in the year when we celebrate 110 years of incessant business activities of the Zagreb Fair.

From the distant year 1909 and the Zagreb Trade Exhibition, through the initiative of ten European trade fair cities, one of which is Zagreb, to establish the International Union of Fairs – UFI, to the visionary decision of the Mayor Milan Amruš to undertake this initiative for further development of trade fair activities in the city of Zagreb and above all to the visionary move of the Mayor Većeslav Holjevac to cross the Sava River, where today’s Zagreb Fair was built, Zagreb has been on the map of the world and Europe as a trade fair city for 110 years”, said Mrs. Dina Tomšić, PhD, Zagreb Fair Director.

Mrs. Ana Mandac, Assistant Minister of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts, emphasized that for her from her position in the competent ministry there was no dilemma – trade fair activities are recognized as an important tool. The world is turning digital, but people still want direct contact, and trade fairs are an essential communication channel.

"The Zagreb Fair is one of the most recognizable city locations and it bears witness to trade, affability, hospitality, diligence and talents of local people. I hope that the Zagreb congress and exhibition offer will be strengthened soon”, said Mr. Bandić, the Mayor of Zagreb.