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In the year when Zagreb Fair is making the 110th anniversary of its continuous business operation, FOOD AND HEALTHY LIVING FAIRS are celebrating the 10th birthday and elevating the quality of tradition to a new level.

The central national event on the topic of food, healthy living and restoring natural balance with complementary approaches will be held this year within a new term in parallel with the project CroAGRO, the International Fair of Agriculture, Agricultural Equipment and Machinery from 5 - 8 December.

Healthy Living Fairs, with their distinctive segments Organica & Kronoplja, Apitera and Mystic, have been recording an increased interest of visitors, exhibitors and experts, year after year. Last year they were enriched with the segment of food in the broadest sense and thus ranked among top events of this kind.

Food and Healthy Living Fairs will bring together 280 exhibitors in the pavilion 6.

The exhibition segment of the fairs encompasses the following four programme units:

  • FOOD in the widest sense: fruit, vegetables, dairy products, beverages and drinks, delicacies, spices ..
  • ORGANICA&Kronoplja: organic certified food and products, industrial hemp products, biodynamic production, medicinal herbs, equipment for healthy food preparation, food supplements, eco seeds..
  • APItera: honey and honey products, apitherapy, apicosmetics, apiinhalation...
  • MYSTIC: natural, energy and spiritual medicine - aromatherapy, acupressure, Su-Jok, Ayurveda, homeopathy, Vastu, Feng Shui, body and soul harmony techniques, massage, Yoga, bioenergy therapy, sound therapy, crystals, minerals...

The fairs have for years been enjoying a growing interest of visitors, exhibitors and experts as well as exceptional institutional support.

The fairs are supported by the City of Zagreb, and the partners are N1 Television, Enzita, Huped, Croatian Apitherapy Society, Croatian Beekepers Federation, Center Dr. Rudolf Steiner, Kronoplja Association.


The rich and quality programme to accompany the fairs is our trademark. Every year it is prepared with special attention to include excellent home and foreign experts to the satisfaction of all faithful visitors. Apart from the exhibition segment, the fairs will be accompanied by professional gatherings and conferences on current topics. Numerous interesting and educational lectures, seminars, congresses, presentations and workshops will be held at several locations.

Therefore note the first weekend in December because we prepare numerous "mystical" treats, among which we wish to single out:

  • Saturday afternoon for border areas of science - Krešimir Mišak and guests on the topic "Psychedelia of the 21st century" and lectures:
    • "Counterculture, phychedelics and computers"
    • "History of research on phychedelia"
    • "Transhumanism"
    • "Deprivation tank"
  • HUPED two-day 13th Congress on cooperation between classical and unconventional medicine called: "Scientific evidence in unconventional medicine". We wish to emphasize the medical lecture on spiritual healing by the teachings of Bruno Gröning to be delivered by a medical team of lecturers from Germany and Dieter Hausler, leader of the largest international spiritual healing organization, and a lecture to be delivered by Dr. Semir Osmanagić: "The healing energy of the Bosnian pyramids". The special guest of the congress is Neven Carin, who will give a lecture on the topic Coal walk and health on Saturday.
  • 4th symposium: "Apitherapy - health preservation with bee products"
  • Lectures: Food and/or medicine, Biodynamic production - innovative value-added agricultural production, Fasting and longevity, Vocal therapy - voice to health, Yoga of the mind, Radiesthesia measurements of harmful radiation in apartments and business premises and protection against them, Use of scalar energy for improvement of life, Renewal of the vital potentials of man, The Book of Change - knowledge of life energy, Damanhur way of exploring past lives, What happens to us in life given the space where we live - Vastu, the science of housing and construction, Life purpose and why we are born the way we are - Jyotish, Vedic astrology, Valeology - the science of health, Lyophilization of medicinal plants as the most perfect way to preserve all phytonutrients, the Amazon
  • Workshops: "Sound forks" - healing frequencies, workshop on eco farming "Be eco", raw food workshop, spiritual healing, sound therapies, Ayurvedic hair care and dying, making of natural toothpaste, quantum medicine workshop, making of healthy ice cream, smoothies, spreads and organic soups
  • APITEKA - honey pharmacy for the public, doctors and pharmacists give advice on bee products and health, how to recognize false honey and what to consider while shopping, apiinhalation
  • Seminar Basics of Su-Jok therapy
  • Sound baths, Gong Puja - gongs playing all night long, Kundalini and Vebasana yoga, meditations
  • Gastro show by famous chefs, Museum in the cooking pot
  • Tasting
  • Exhibition of Vortex mandalas
  • Spiral spice garden


Along with a rich and wide-ranging programme of events, every year the Food and Healthy Living Fairs and the exhibitors also provide a diverse offer.
Beer fans will learn more about the new Croatian craft beer brand called Beer Squad. The offer includes three creatively crafted beers - Aroniabeer, Cannabeer Premium and Winebeer. Juice concentrate made of aronia fruit - queen of health, powerful chlorophyll, medicinal extracts from industrial hemp and quality dry red wine give these beers a unique, irresistible taste, colour and aroma, as well as many health benefits. These beers are made from the highest quality 100% natural ingredients and are unfiltered and unpasteurized.

Kovačić family farm is a novelty at the Croatian market: sweet potato dried flatbread (buckwheat flour, spelt, integral and white wheat flour with various sweet potato varieties - purple, white, orange and yellow. Pasta is without eggs, salt, additives, preservatives, colours), sweet potato pasta (buckwheat flour, rice, spelt, integral and white wheat flour with various sweet potato varieties - purple, white, orange and yellow. Pasta is without eggs, additives, preservatives, colours.) Products are appropriate for vegetarians and vegans, part of the product range is suitable for people sensitive to gluten.

The fair will also feature Dean Jambrošić, Reiki spiritual master and spiritual healing teacher. The foundation of his therapeutic activity is the proven method of correcting the human body by using the method of spiritual correction of the lower pelvic structure to achieve leg length equalization, shoulder alignment, atlas and spinal alignment. This procedure is performed without touching the body, bone manipulation and painful reactions, but only with the power of an intelligent spirit, and the result is the removal of the causal chain of all energy blocks at the spiritual and physical levels.

Always a dear guest Mary Novosel will bring all interested visitors into the magical world of making healthy and natural household products and will hold a workshop on how to make natural toothpaste.

Ljutoteka will offer different types of chili sauces, as many as 8 types of hot sauce, ground chili pepper and pickled hot peppers. Their offer ranges from the mildest to the hottest flavours for everyone's taste. They emphasize Carolina sauce made from Carolina Reaper, currently the hottest pepper in the world and the cherry sauce made from real cherries and chili peppers.


Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Germany, North Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, UK


The official opening will take place on 5 December 2019 at 12.00h in the Congress Hall of the Zagreb Fair.


  • 5 December 2019; 10.00 - 19.00 h
  • 6 - 7 December 2019; 10.00 - 20.00 h
  • 8 December 2019; 10.00 - 19.00 h



Located near the pavilion 7 will be available to journalists every day during the run of the fair.

Press accreditations with prior registration at can be obtained at the information desk, South Gate of the Zagreb Fair.