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INTERLIBER - National platform for the promotion of reading and knowledge

For 41 years in a row Interliber has been the central venue for the promotion of books, writers, reading, science and knowledge gathering the most significant publishers and booksellers.

All book fans will be happy to hear that Interliber will be held from 13 - 18 November.

As the largest literary event in Croatia, Interliber has positioned itself as an important public platform for the freedom of expression through the written word and the dialogue between the local and the international literary scene.
Interliber, the 41st International Book and Teaching Tools Fair will be held under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia and the Mayor of the City of Zagreb, Mr. Milan Bandić.
In accordance with the adopted National Reading Strategy, with its exhibition segment, the contents and the programme Interliber significantly contributes to the development of the culture of reading, acquiring knowledge and education through the written word.
Pavilions 5 and 6 of the Zagreb Fair will be filled by more than 300 exhibitors from 13 countries, and the fair registers a 7% increase in exhibition space as compared to 2017 (Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, France, Croatia, Italy, China, Germany, Russia, USA, Slovenia, UK).
Visitors can expect presentations of new books by domestic and foreign authors, meetings and interviews with writers, reading rooms and workshops, awarding of literary awards, auctions of old books, quiz shows, music programmes as well as professional meetings of publishers, booksellers and librarians, panel discussions and debates.

Over 200 accompanying events will take place daily at four locations:

  • gallery of the pavilion 5,
  • stage in the pavilion 6,
  • Congress Center Zagreb Fair - Cres Hall,
  • Winter Garden Hall and
  • ​the open-air space in front of the pavilion 5.

Accompanying programmes are organized in cooperation with the Croatian Association of Publishers and Booksellers of the Croatian Chamber of Economy, the Croatian Quiz Association and the exhibitors.
Serious literary themes will be discussed in the Premium programme to host foreign writers and to be edited by eminent editors of the Croatian literary scene.
This year as well an educational and entertaining programme will be put on for children. Elementary and high school students will compete in the HIGH FIVE knowledge quiz show. The best Croatian quiz contestants will gather at the fair to participate in the National team championship.
Inteliber is involved in Knjigodar, a book-giving action for school libraries by the Croatian Association of School Librarians. Every year the book fund of a selected school library is enriched through a competition. The action aims at raising the awareness of the importance of libraries for building a knowledge society.

A specially designed Premium programme will take place at the gallery of the pavilion 5 and on main stage in the pavilion 6, organized by the Croatian Association of Publishers and Booksellers, the City of Zagreb and the Zagreb Fair. Along with book presentations, the emphasis will be on interesting panel discussions hosting domestic and internationally recognized literary stars and experts.
We wish to announce Ivana Dragičević, Tvrtko Jakovina, Oleg Maštruko, Dalija Orešković, Željko Ivanković, Božo Kovačević, Žarko Puhovski and Petar Štefanić, while foreign guests will include: Gail Honeyman, a Scottish author who has won the world literary scene with her debut novel "Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine" to be presented at this year's Interliber and Thomas Enger, the Norwegian author of crime bestsellers.
The live music programme in front of the pavilion 5 will host Three Colors of Jazz, Nenad Resnik Trio, Ivana Galić and DJ performers every day of the fair.
World Education Fair is a novelty of this year’s Interliber. It will be held on 16 and 17 November 2018 (Friday/Saturday) at the Congress Hall of the Zagreb Fair.

At the World Education Fair, all visitors interested in education abroad will be able to get information on study programmes, secondary schools, language courses abroad and the Work & Travel USA student exchange programme in the United States.

This will be the fourth time that Croatian high school and university students, their parents and everyone willing to learn more about education abroad will be given a unique opportunity to ask questions and participate in live meetings with the representatives and teachers from outstanding foreign universities, private secondary schools and language learning centres ​​from the UK, the Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, Poland and others.

During the WEF all visitors will have the opportunity to listen to interesting workshops and lectures on the education abroad, use discounts to language courses and find out how to get good scholarships.
The exhibition space of the Russian Federation, which will be presented at Interliber for the first time after many years, will offer Croatian public a wide range of modern Russian literature - from poetry to historical works and translations. Croatian readers will be able to get acquainted not only with authors whose works have already been translated into Croatian but also with new names. On Wednesday, 14 November, a panel discussion titled "Slavic literature as a factor for the development of the mental ecology in the world" is scheduled. Participants will be the writer Miljenko Jergović, translators Larisa Savelyeva and Yulia Sozina and the psychotherapist Dmitri Anokhin. The Russian authors to be present at the exhibition space during Interliber will include Yuri Nechiporenko and Maxim Osipov. The translation of the novel "Gloria in excelsis" written by Miljenko Jergović will be presented as well.
The Science Quarter has been a part of Interliber for four years. This year it has a new location, at the gallery of the pavilion 5 and a slightly modified concept. The programme to take place during the entire run of the fair is divided into the content intended for organized, school visits in the morning and into the programme intended for the general public to be held in the afternoon from Tuesday to Friday and from 10.30 to 20.00 h during the weekend.

Besides the new location, the novelty is also the scientific playroom where children will be able to spend up to two hours under supervision of educators and promoters and to participate in interactive demonstrations.
It is an educational and entertaining programme designed to keep the children entertained while their parents are visiting the book fair and to give them an opportunity to learn. The activities to be conducted in the scientific playroom are the so called interactive demonstrations, and the target group are children aged 5 - 10. The Scientific Quarter project will be organized by the Croatian Association of Publishers and Booksellers, the co-organizer is the Zagreb Fair and the project is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia.
FRAKTURA - new releases include: Javier Cercas – Laws of the Border, Magdalena Parys - Magician, Eimear McBride – The Lesser Bohemians, Ludwig Bauer – The Man in the Yellow Coat, Zoran Malkoč - Supermen Died, Ivana Šojat - Ezan, Miljenko Jergović – Works by Miljenko Jergović, vol. 1: Sarajevo Marlboro, The Walnut Mansion, Šulc The Repairman and the List of Beautiful Skills, Tisja Kljaković Braić - They, Amos Oz – Dear Zealots, Timothy Snyder - Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin, Brunhilde Pomsel & Thore D. Hansen – A German Life: What the Story of Goebbels’ Secretary Can Teach Us Today, Dragan Markovina - Yugoslavia in Croatia (1918-1918): From Euphoria to Taboo, Ivo Goldstein - Jasenovac. On Friday, 16 November, at 12.00 h on stage of the pavilion 6, high school students will be awarded the prize for the best essay on books from the programme of the literary matinee of the Festival of World Literature 2018.
OCEAN MORE - at the stand of Ocean More on Friday, 16 November, from 19:00 - 21:00 h, Kristian Novak, the recipient of multiple awards and author of Dark Mother Earth and Gypsy, But the Most Beautiful, will sign his books. From the new releases they emphasize: Karl Ove Knausgård: Autumn (from the Seasons Quartet Series), short prose, Karl Ove Knausgård: Winter (from the Seasons Quartet Series), short prose, Szilárd Borbély: To the Body: Odes and Legends, poetry; Delphine de Vigan – Based on a True Story, novel; Lydia Davis: Can’t and Won’t, short stories; Virginie Despentes: Vernon Subutex III, novel; Sándor Márai: The Four Seasons, short prose.
MOZAIK KNJIGA - prepared talks and meetings with authors and book promotions: "Juices for Health and Vitality" by Mihaela Brijak Devescovi and Alme Bunić and "My Burnout" by Damjane Bakarič. Visitors will be able to meet Juliana Matanovic, Paul Pavličić, Miro Gavran, Vjekoslava Huljić, Sanja Pilić, Sanja Polak as well as illustrators Željko Mezić, Patricio Alejandro Aggero Marino and Niko Baruno. For this year they emphasize: “Little Fires Everywhere” by Celeste Ng, “Before We Were Yours” by Lisa Wingate, “Lost Roses” by Martha Hall Kelly, “A Stranger in the House” by Shari Lapena, “Copper Owls”, the hundredth title by Pavao Pavličić and “Mud in the Backyard” by Ratko Cvetnić.
LJEVAK PUBLISHING – prepared a book presentation and meetings with authors Jasminka Tihi Stepanić (Wednesday from 13.00-14.00 h) and Mladen Kopjar (Thursday from 13.00- 14.00 h) and the workshops by Bobbie Peers (Norway) and Vanja Kani – Super Pencil.
PROFIL – emphasizes the following: Elena Ferrante - The Story of the Lost Child”, Chloe Benjamin: “The Immortalists”, Jane Harper - “Force of Nature”, Andrea Camilleri – “The Safety Net”, Mihajlo Pantić – “Too Much Time for Irrelevant Things”, Frane Herenda – “Room 909”. From non-fiction there are: Jurica Pavičić – “The Book about the South”, Veljko Barbieri “The Mediterranean Cuisine”, Maroje Mihovilović – “My Mum Vilma's Pastry”, Fawas A. Gerges – “ISIS”, Danny Orbach – “The Plots Against Hitler”, John Man – “Marco Polo or The Journey That Changed the World. Children’s books include: Maja Šimleša and Sven Nemet – “Suli’s Adventure”, Jason Reynolds – “Ghost”, Stephan Pastis – “Timmy Failure”, Miralda Colombo (author), Ilaria Faccioli (illustrator)- “City Maps”, Oliver Jeffers - “Here We Are - Notes for Living on Planet Earth”, Rachel Bright, Jim Field – “The Lion Inside”.

ŠKOLSKA KNJIGA - organizes a reading tutorial Read Me! and daily presentations of the following releases: “The Golden Decade of the Croatian Water Polo 2007-2017” by Dean Bauer, “Women in Science” by Rachel Ignotofsky, “The Secret of Best Friends” by Hrvoje Kovačević, “SPQR – A History of Ancient Rome” by Mary Beard, “This Book Thinks You’re a Math Genius” by Mike Goldsmith and Harriet Russell, “This is Not a Maths Book” by Anna Weltman, “Lightning and Orangesl” by Petar Gudelj, “The Most Beautiful Adriatic Sailing Routes” by Darko Tralić, “I Want to Know” by Anita Dragičević, Marina Sudarević, Dijana Salaj Krašovec and Ljubica Puškaš, “The Vibration of Success” by Iva Bele, “The Sixties in Croatia - The Myth and Reality” by a group of authors, “The Story Orchestra: The Four Seasons” by Katie Cotton, “The Story Orchestra: The Nutcracker” by Katie Flint, “Lacan – The Imaginary Uniqueness of the Subject vs. the Authentic Self” by Ladislav Pavić, “Croatian Decorations, Recognitions and Medals” by Krešimir Kašpar, Mirko Marijan, Siniša Pogačić, Boris Prister; “Croatia ̶ The Cookbook” by Mate Janković, ”The Big Book of Organic Baby Food” by Stephanie Middleberg, “The Rest is Noise: Listening to the Twentieth Century” by Alex Ross, “The Emigration of Croats to Germany - Are We Losing Croatia?” by Tado Jurić.
ZNANJE - will present several new world bestsellers in different genres. From titles of new authors whose novels have not been translated to Croatian, there are thrillers “The Chalk Man” by the British author C. J. Tudor and the psychological thriller “The Wife Between Us” from the pen of the writing team Hendricks and Pekkanen. They are also preparing the sequel to the sensational bestseller “Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls, vol. 2”. In the field of journalism, Znanje highlights the new title "Prisoners of Geography: Ten Maps That Explain Everything About the World" by the British journalist, editor and writer Tim Marshall. From the events on Thursday, 15 November, they highlight Gail Honeymon's guest appearance and the promotion and signing of the book " Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine”.

THE SHEEP IN THE BOX is the literary award for the best Croatian picture books presented since 2005. It is the only award in Croatia, where an expert panel of writers, literary critics and illustrators examines the entire annual production of picture books and assesses the value of the text and its relationship to the illustration. The goal of this award is to evaluate the picture book as highly-valuable artistic work, since in Croatia the picture book genre has been belittled as compared to other literary forms. Along with the expert jury the best picture book is selected by an independent children’s jury. The Sheep in the box award will be presented on Saturday, 17 November on stage in the pavilion 6.


Aiming at further development of cultural relations and cooperation between the publishers in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Association “Petar Kočić” from Banja Luka has been participating in INTERLIBER for a number of years. The Association will present the “Kočić’s feather“ award on Friday, 16 November on stage in the pavilion 6. The winner of the 2018 autumn award is the renowned writer Čedomir Višnjić for his book “Time for Sports and Entertainment”.


The official opening of the fair will take place on 13 November 2018 at 11.00 h in the pavilion 6.
WORKING HOURS - 10.00 - 20.00 h, Friday and Saturday by 21.00 h
Admission to INTERLIBER is FREE. Parking for all visitors is free on the south, west and east side of the Zagreb Fair grounds.


Croatian Railways will grant visitors from Croatia and Slovenia 40% discount to the return ticket price.

Located at the gallery of the pavilion 5 the press center will be available to journalists every day during the run of the fair. Phone: 01/6503-524, e-mail: