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Interliber, the 44th International Book Fair, was officially inaugurated today at Zagreb Fair.  

Pavilions 5, 6, 7 and 7a were filled by 296 exhibitors from 15 countries.

Interliber is the largest literary event in Croatia, a venue where books are celebrated, a place where all generations of readers meet and where we regularly witness the creation of love for books.

At Zagreb Fair, publishers will present an extremely rich programme of new editions from a wide variety of fields, proving that Croatian publishing knows how to find its way to book lovers.

Interliber is held under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia and the Mayor of the City of Zagreb, Mr. Tomislav Tomašević.

"For 44 years already, Interliber has been the central place for the promotion of books, writers, reading, science and knowledge, bringing together the most important publishers and booksellers. It has surpassed the boundaries of Zagreb Fair long ago and today it enjoys the status of a national platform for encouraging and promotion of reading and knowledge. Such is the level of institutional support with the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia and the Mayor of the City of Zagreb, Mr. Tomislav Tomašević, to whom I would like to express my special thanks. I invite you to lose yourself in the magical world of books, isolate yourself from all constant and pressing obligations that take up your time, and focus on yourself for a moment, meet the old you, allow yourself to travel to new worlds, to stop, become aware of the moment, open the book, smell it, read a paragraph or two and see if you have found a partner for a new journey," said Mrs. Renata Suša, Zagreb Fair Director, at the inauguration of Interliber.

"I am very pleased to be here at yet another, the 44th Interliber, which is the central event dedicated to books and publishing and one of the most important cultural events in the Republic of Croatia. After the pandemic, Interliber returns in full glory this year with 20% more exhibitors. Compared to other European cities, the City of Zagreb can indeed boast of significant investments in culture, including the book sector. For the sixth year in a row, I wish to single out the "I read" programme, which allows children up to the age of 15 to enroll in the libraries of the City of Zagreb free of charge. These young readers make up 1/3 of library members and they are current and future visitors to Interliber," emphasized Mr. Tomislav Tomašević, Mayor of Zagreb, at the official opening, inviting citizens to visit Interliber and Zagreb Fair these days.

Interliber was inaugurated by Mrs. Nina Obuljen Koržinek, PhD, Minister of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia and the Envoy to the Prime Minister of the Republic of Croatia, Mr. Andrej Plenković: "At the very beginning, I would like to express my pride and thank the profession, publishers, booksellers, writers, translators, all the people employed in this extremely important industry who managed to overcome this difficult period for the book. I am particularly proud that we are coming out of the pandemic period strengthened with as many as 9 newly opened bookstores in the Republic of Croatia, which is certainly partly the result of the incentives we provide through the financing of the cultural entrepreneurship programme.”

Working hours of Interliber: 10:00 - 20:00 h; on Friday and Saturday: 10:00 - 21,00 h.

Admittance is free.