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The new story of the idea, design, architecture, construction, housing and Croatian production will be presented at this year's Ambienta, with enriched topics and contents, from 9 to 13 October.

A higher level of exhibiting and the conceptually different approach to salon presentation will be offered in 10 pavilions of the Zagreb Fair by 461 Croatian and foreign exhibitors from 28 countries at 27,000 m2 and enhanced with new thematic units: 

  • FURNITURE and INTERIOR DECORATION and INDUSTRIAL PROGRAMME home furniture • office furniture • hotel and apartments furniture • interior decoration – wall coverings, lighting, carpets, curtains, decors • machinery, tools and production materials for the wood industry and furniture production • DESIGN ZONE /Premium and Talent/ in the new format with the participation of the leading home designer furniture manufacturers and solutions created by awarded designers established at the market
  • CONSTRUCTION and EQUIPPING floor coverings, parquets, windows, doors • prefabricated and mobile homes • construction machinery • equipment and tools trucks 
  • HORECA - Living kitchenhotel, restaurant and catering devices and equipment • kitchen appliances and home equipment
  • ART FAIR ZAGREB painting, sculpting, antiquities, photographs • single exhibits and installations • author presentations • auctions, performances, competitions

The enriched contents and the quantitative growth of the exhibition and programme segment of almost 50% as compared to 2018 is a direct result of the partnership and mutual trust between the Zagreb Fair and the exhibitors, the proactive and comprehensive organizational cooperation with the City of Zagreb and the institutional support of the Ministry of Agriculture, the Croatian Chamber of Economy, the Association of the Wood Processing Industry and Hrvatske šume (Croatian Forests).


Design Zone, recognized by experts and the public, this year will feature a highly profiled and sophisticated programme through two units in the pavilion 5 of the Zagreb Fair. 

At the gallery of the pavilion 5 under the curatorship of Mr. Nikola Radeljković – the winner of international furniture design awards (Numen/ForUse), the leading Croatian and foreign manufacturers will be presented: Artisan, Blue Tag, Dizz Concept, Nunc, Mila&Milli, Prostoria, Regeneracija.

They have all received numerous world design awards such as: German Design Award, Design Intelligence Award, Red Dot Award, Interior Innovation Award, IF Design Award, Big See Award, Green Product Award, IDEA, Golden Key.

The ground floor of the pavilion 5 will house the second part of the Design Zone called Talent Zone Young and Professional featuring smaller companies and freelance designers just finding their place at the market, under the curatorship of Ms. Ada Kezić (A1 Format).


Apart from the Design Zone, the furniture and interior decoration programme will encompass pavilions 5, 8, 8A and 9, and the pavilion 8 will present the industrial programme with machinery and equipment. Some of the exhibiting companies are:

  • pavilion 5 – ground floor: Solelux, Fagus, Wofi Leuchten, Tepih center, Hoyan fireplaces, Tehno-dom, Tehnomont, Drvona, Equipment A.L.T., Centar rasvjete (Lighting center), Haby, Mihonović, Arboline, Bokart
  • pavilion 8: Wood cluster Wood and Furniture from Sarajevo, Wood Cluster of Herzegovina from Mostar, Arbomac (Holz-Her), Homateh, Hudek
  • pavilion 8A: Interior Color, Mobilar, Lineaflex C, Oriolik, Fi-Ma, Fitom, Vladić, Alto-trade 
  • pavilion 9: Prima, Spin Valis, DI Čazma, Conty, Hrvatske šume  The exhibition segment of this thematic unit includes all types of furniture, kitchens, bathroom equipment, lighting, decors, textiles, furniture accessories and the industrial programme.

Art Fair Zagreb, a new thematic unit of this year’s Ambienta, will bring together a large number of art lovers and art dealers. During five days it will become the central meeting point, a venue where works of contemporary visual art and antiquities will be presented to the general public. Art Fair Zagreb’s art director, Mr. Ante Potočnjak, painter and designer, will provide the best offer of works of art.  

Numerous painters, sculptors and photographers will present their artwork. A number of local and foreign artists from nine countries have confirmed their participation: Fabio Imperiale, Roberto Vidali, Valeriano Lessio, Orriana Astolfi, Peter Osterveršnik, Edin Šćuk, Ulrike Pistora, Dieter Kederst, Antun Kovarbašić, Gordana Veljačić, Mirna Sišul, Ivan Jelančić, Ivana Bilić Antičević, Andreja Fišić, Nikica Relja, Rozvelt Kapović, Sanja Fališevac, Sasha Maria Vassay, Sonja Šimatić, Zoran Drnjević, Željko Uremović.

We wish to emphasize the appearance of renowned gallerists from Italy, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovenia: Gall'art Roma, Collerzinando Gallery and H.I.F. di Imperiale Gianluca from Rome, Roberto Vidali Associazione Juliet and Galeria Mi Art from Triest and Milan, then Karmenart, Esslingen;  Galeria Graz; Pistora Art, Wiener Neustadt; Atelier Kederst, Vienna; One Gallery, Sofija; To Bi, Bistrica ob Savi; Kiparstvo Šćuk, Ljubljana; Independent university, Banja Luka. Croatian exhibitors at the Art Fair Zagreb include Opatija Art association, Art material and NB Net from Zagreb, Sintagma from Okučani,  Logniture, Stara Gradiška and the City of Knin.

The Kontura Auction House will organize a pre-auction exhibition of works of art (paintings, sculptures, installations and photographs) created during the past half-century.

The exhibition of 300 works will feature classics of the Croatian contemporary art (such as the internationally recognized and prominent artists Ivan Kožarić, Julius Knifer or Mladen Stilinović), some of the most significant representatives of the Croatian conceptual art (Ivo Gattin, Braco Dimitrijević, Boris Demur, Željko Kipke, Zlatko Kopljar, Antun Maračić), to the most significant representatives of the younger generation of the Croatian contemporary art (Kristijan Kožul, Marko Tadić, Ivan Fijolić etc.). More than 100 art photographs by some of the most significant Croatian contemporary photographers (Ante Brkan, Stanko Abadžić, Boris Cvjetanović etc.) will be offered for sale.

The auction of all exhibited works of art will be held in the pavilion 7A on Saturday, 12 October starting at 13:00 h and the second part of the auction is scheduled for 15:00 h.

The rich accompanying programme of the Art Fair Zagreb will encompass various artistic performances, a painting contest, auctions, promotional sales and interesting expert lectures.

The compatible programme, spatially and topically related to parquet and other floor and wall coverings, windows and doors will be displayed in the pavilion 11A, whereas the construction machinery will be featured at the open-air space. We wish to single out TRANS BAU – 1st Specialized Exhibition of Transport, Construction Machinery and Safety Equipment. Some of the registered companies include: Bjelin otok, Porta Dizajn, Inotherm, PPS MAJUR, Pan parquet, Drvoproizvod, Lokve, T.C. Požgaj, Hoco Stabil, Internorm, Hörmann, Carrier association at the Chamber of Crafts and Trades Zagreb,…
HORECA - Living Kitchen
The thematic unit encompasses the presentation of the new offer in the HORECA sector immediately after the end of the tourist season as well as the use of the hotel, restaurant and catering equipment and appliances. Companies in the pavilion 7: Metro, Gastro-Stil, Ital-equipping, Pro Trade, AG Vebo, Bijeli Svijet, Thermia, Parnad, Esse caffe, Monte cafe, Ivmar, Medvedgrad Brewery, Amadria hotels,…

PRESALE OWNER – the exclusive sale of furniture produced by Design Zone companies

At this year’s Ambienta all visitors will have the opportunity to buy furniture from companies exhibiting within the Design Zone in the pavilion 10a.

The open stage in the pavilion 5 will be the central venue of the educational and professional segment of Ambienta. The Croatian Chamber of Architects and the Zagreb Fair will organize a professional gathering called Ambienta for architects to feature lectures of award-winning Croatian architect’s offices, Laura Nijhuis, Head of Marketing at Coulisse and Tijmen Sissing, founder of the Trashpackers movement, a global platform aimed at creating of a better world by waste removal and education.

We also wish to single out the panel “Development strategy for the wood processing and furniture industry“, organized by the Association of the Timber and Wood Processing Industry at the Croatian Chamber of Economy, Produkteka “Furniture production” – B2B design platform for creation of new products as well as debates with design professionals.

From the segment of Construction and Equipping we wish to emphasize the lecture titled ”BIMcert-education in digital construction for the entire supply chain of the building sector“ and “Development perspectives of Nearly zero energy buildings in Croatia”, both organized by the Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar.

Apart from the professional segment, Ambienta will be accompanied by an interesting programme intended for the general public.
Several interesting exhibitions will be presented in the pavilion 5:

  • "Between wishes and reality – Furniture Industry and Design in Croatia from 1945 – 1990" organized by the Museum of Arts and Crafts. The exhibition of design and industrial furniture that provides an overview of the Croatian furniture industry production and the role of designers in the industrial production process. The current relevance of the exhibition is that under a single roof it presents part of the assortment of some of the most important factories of that period, such as Mundus - Florijan Bobić from Varaždin, Mobilia - Ivo Marinkovic from Osijek, Zagreb factories Marko Šavrić and metal furniture factory Jadran, DIP Novoselec, TVIN Virovitica, Oriolik from Oriovac, Goranprodukt from Čabar, Hrast from Čakovec, Spin Valis from Požega, Stjepan Sekulić from Nova Gradiška, Papuk from Pakrac, DI Vrbovsko and others.
  • Young Balkan designers "Circular Design", a regional platform for talents, founded in 2011 with the aim to identify, promote and develop creative potentials of the Balkan region in the field of product design. The goal of the initiative “Young Balkan Designers” is unifying the regional design scene, bringing it closer to the international market, strengthening creative potentials, while at the same time contributing to the restoration of the multicultural cooperation in the Balkan region.
  • The exhibition of award-winning architects’ works organized by the Croatian Chamber of Architects

During the run of Ambienta traditional recognitions and awards will be given to exhibitors: Press choice for the best design at Design zone; DESIGN PLUS - design award Ambienta '19 and MOBIL OPTIMUM recognitions of quality to the best evaluated products. The presentation of awards will be held on Friday, 11 October at 17:00 h in the pavilion 5.


pavilion 5, ground floor and gallery Design Zone; Talent; furniture; furnishing; congress and educational programme
pavilions 6 and 7A Art Fair Zagreb
pavilion 7 Horeca
pavilion 8 Furniture; wood industry machines
pavilions 8A, 9 Furniture, kitchens; bathroom equipment
pavilions 11A, open-air space Construction
pavilion 10A Presale Owner, exclusive sale of designer furniture


Argentina, Armenia, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Greece, Croatia, India, Italy, Canada, China, Liechtenstein, Mexico, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Romania, USA, Slovenia, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, UK.
The official opening will be held on 9 October 2019 at 11:00 h at the Congress Hall of the Zagreb Fair.
Pavilions: ground floor and gallery of the pavilions 5, 6, 7A, 7, 8, 8a, 9, 11a, 10a, aula between pavilions 10a and 11a and the open-air space in front of the pavilions 8a, 9, 11a


  • Wednesday, Thursday 10:00 - 19:00 h
  • Friday, Saturday, Sunday 10:00 - 20:00 h


  • Single admission ticket 30,00 kn
  • Single admission ticket for pupils, students and pensioners 20,00 kn
  • Permanent admission ticket 60,00 kn

The prize game with a rich prize fund of 90,000 HRK will take place from Thursday to Sunday. All visitors to buy the admission ticket are eligible. Drawing of prizes takes place every day at 17.30 h.

Croatian Railways will grant visitors from Croatia and Slovenia 40% discount to the return ticket price.

Located near the pavilion 7 will be available to journalists every day during the run of the fair. Telephone: 01/6503 524, mail:
Press accreditations with prior registration at can be obtained at the information desk, South Gate of the Zagreb Fair.