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Join the market of knowledge, ideas, verified models, exchange of professional and business information.

Users of Zagreb Fair Congress Center’s services and premises are exhibitors (all specialized events of the Zagreb Fair are accompanied by professional gatherings, seminars, symposia and sim.), scientific, educational and cultural institutions, trade associations and entrepreneurs.

Zagreb Fair Congress Center’s space and services enable organization of diverse congress activities:

  • Congresses, conferences, symposia, seminars, panel discussions
  • Business meetings
  • Professional gatherings to accompany the exhibition programme
  • Commercial presentations and demonstrations
  • Press conferences
  • Formal get-togethers and cocktails
  • Cultural and entertaining events, concerts, theatre plays, fashion shows….

Some 200 gatherings for 50,000 participants are organized annually at the Zagreb Fair grounds.

Exhibitors, scientific, educational and cultural institutions, trade associations, companies and entrepreneurs make use of the services and premises of the Congress Center.

Zagreb Fair Congress Center disposes of arranged halls and offices of various sizes and use, with the seating capacity ranging from 10 to 1,200.


Congress Center offers the most modern conference, projection, communications and other equipment enabling successful organization of all kinds of professional gatherings.

Zagreb Fair Congress Center has experience in organizing international and national congresses, professional and business gatherings - from guiding the entire project to providing special services.

An experienced professional team of the Congress Center provides complete service related to organization of gatherings:

  • organization of accommodation and free time,
  • publicity and advertising,
  • simultaneous and consecutive translations,
  • printing of collected papers,
  • programmes and brochures,
  • catering services,
  • duplicating of programmes and other texts, etc.