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Dear exhibitors and partners,

dear friends,
we have been with you for 110 years. Trade fairs have been woven into the heart of Zagreb and the Zagreb Fair since 1909.
From the very beginning of its business activities, the Zagreb Fair has assumed the role of an ambassador of the economy, linking the City of Zagreb and Croatia with the world. In 1925 it launched and established, together with nine other trade fair cities, the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry - UFI, the global trade fair’s industry umbrella organization.
Trade fairs have always been connecting people and serving as a foundation for direct communication and networking. With a portfolio of 20 own trade fair projects and more than 100 events throughout the year, the Zagreb Fair promotes and contributes to competitiveness and development of the economy, entrepreneurship and crafts in the Republic of Croatia, as well as to the interaction between the various sectors of the local, national and global industries.
Over time, the exhibition industry has gone through several stages of change, adapting to market trends and customer needs. Owing to the unique key competence of the exhibition industry, which is based on the activation of all five senses at once, today it co-exists in synergy with digital technological evolution and its possibilities that connect us to unimaginable levels. Despite various attempts, the key feature of trade fairs, face-to-face contact, remains their inimitable and essential ability. New technologies are the added value to existing contents, the support to business activities and one of the levers in gaining competitiveness.
During 110 years of its existence the Zagreb Fair has experienced many changes, writing its own and the history of many Croatian companies today independently operating on the international market, who made their first steps at the Zagreb Fair. Therefore, 2019 is a significant milestone for the overall business activities of the Zagreb Fair.

After a successful transformation we intend to grow and offer you more. In recent times, we have altered our business model with a focus on the synergy of the quintuplex helix innovation model and the collaboration of institutions, the economy and entrepreneurship, science, the media and society as a whole, in order to provide an innovative product of integrated marketing communication meant to support creation of added value for each of our exhibitors, partners and visitors.
In line with the internationalization strategy we are expanding our business on an international scale, while basing our growth strategy on strategic alliances, digital business and the construction of a new, modern and multifunctional trade fair and congress center with all accompanying facilities.
We have always been a part of the identity of the City of Zagreb. Now, we are working on the realization of our vision to become the leading organizer of business and communication excellence and innovativeness in SE Europe. Thank you for supporting us all along and being a part of our business story. We will give our best to create a successful future together and to justify the exceptional trust you have placed in us.
The Zagreb Fair is going to mark its jubilee - 110 years of incessant business activities - with two central events in June and November this year. Join us for a celebration of the exhibition industry, the pride of the City of Zagreb and Croatia. The companies that have just started their business life will be also joining us.
Thank you.
Dina Tomšić, PhD
Zagreb Fair Director