About fair

The exhibition spaces of the Zagreb Fair will host from 24 - 27 April 2018 the following fairs: BIAM - 24th International Machine Tool and Tools Fair with the topic SAPO – Subcontracting Fair and WELDING -  27th International Welding and Anticorrosion Fair.

The fairs will be held in the pavilions 8, 8a, 9 and 11a and at the open-air exhibition space by the mentioned pavilions. A total of 325 exhibitors from more than 30 countries will participate.

The two fairs are principally focused on primary and secondary economic activities and as such are an ideal opportunity for:

  • presentation and promotion of new technologies and systems in the field of machine tools and tools, processing of various materials, welding, welded structures, materials, components, automation of production and processes (robotics, software and engineering), advanced technologies, measurement techniques, quality control and protection against corrosion,
  • gathering of professionals, direct contact of supply and demand, connecting producers, distributors, entrepreneurs and investors of the industrial sector,
  • education, technology transfer and professional development.

In today's world of globalization, specialization and excellence are essential for a particular sector since the future manufacturing technology requires specialized subjects to help the particular project see the light of day.

The interest for participation in this group of trade fairs both by trade visitors and exhibitors grows year after year by more than 30%. As the growth trend continues, this year the fair will record an increase of over 35%.

The fairs are especially interesting to the corporate and professional public, both from Croatia and the neighbouring countries.

They will be accompanied by a professional programme, within the scope of which the Conference KORMAT -  International symposium on Material Protection and Industrial Finishing will be organized by the Croatian Society for Material Protection.

The Croatian Association for Welding Technology in cooperation with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, Chair of Welded Structures will hold a seminar "WELDING COORDINATORS".

Following the success of the robotic basketball, robotic hockey and robotic darts at the past fairs, the IRT3000 professional magazine has prepared a new attraction.

The robot YuMi made by the ABB inženiring d.o.o will surely be the star of this year's fair. At the exhibition space of the IRT3000 magazine the robot will pour drinks to interested visitors like a real waiter.

The robot is safe and no protection is needed because it is programmed to work with humans and stops at the moment of contact.

"People still approach robots with a sense of fear, because the robots have always been in various casing or under protection. When you explain how they function, people get the courage and are no longer afraid. People are mostly afraid of injuries", said Darko Švetak from IRT3000.