About fair

Dear Sirs,
We are pleased to inform you that we commenced the preparations for the specialized international Machine Tool and Tools Fair BIAM and Welding and Anticorrosion Fair WELDING to be held from 26-29 April 2022 at Zagreb Fair.

The exhibition, professional and educational segment of the fairs includes technological achievements, novelties and innovations in the field of computer-controlled machine tools, robotics and innovative IT solutions, engineering, tools and parts, machining materials, welding process equipment as well as products, means and methods of applying optimal protection against corrosion.
Assessing the participation at previous fairs BIAM and WELDING as a quality business and marketing activity with a real and direct impact on the increase of market efficiency, we wish to invite you to participate in the exhibition segment of this fair project. In this context, we will consider all proposals and needs with utmost care so as to enable a successful presentation of your products and services.

Besides providing the necessary spatial and infrastructure preconditions and keeping the prices of the exhibition space at the level of 2018, we will also offer quantity discounts of up to 12% for larger exhibition spaces:

  • (0001) Pavilion exhibition space – non-arranged €45 / m2
  • (0130) Exhibition space - standard arrangement  €84 / m2
  • (0011) Open-air exhibition space €27 / m2 

Apart from the presentation of novelties and innovations, the exhibitor status enables professional and commercial presentations, organizing of business meetings and gatherings, participation in congress activities of the fair, and a number of spatial, programme and promotional privileges in the presence of a large number of trade visitors and the media.