About fair

From 9 - 12 April Zagreb Fair hosts the largest industrial fairs in the past ten years. Their significance is confirmed by the following figures: 11,000 m2 of exhibition space and 349 exhibitors from Croatia and 28 countries - the most renowned exhibitors from the machine tool sector and the most important representatives of the welding industry.

The fairs are held in celebration of the jubilee - the 30th International Welding and Anticorrosion Fair WELDING. The International Machine Tool and Tools Fair BIAM will take place for the 27th time.

This year's novelty is the Industrial Incubator intended for the:

  • promotion of new technologies applied in industry
  • promotion of industry occupations
  • networking industry stakeholders
  • promotion of business entities in the industry
  • innovations
  • presentation of universities and secondary schools (emphasis on the promotion of schools)
  • B2B meetings 

The fairs are accompanied by a rich professional programme, and we particularly highlight the activities of the Croatian Employment Service, Regional Office Zagreb, in the promotion of the "Measures of Active Employment Policy in 2024 with an Emphasis on Green - Digital Jobs, Employment of Vulnerable Groups and the Programme of Education Vouchers".

The measures are meant for employers, unemployed persons, job seekers. They are aimed at encouraging employment and employment and acquiring first work experience through internships, education through vouchers for the employed and unemployed, employee training and encouraging workforce mobility.

The 26th International Symposium on Material Protection and Industrial Finishing "KORMAT 2024", the lecture "Strengthening Additive Manufacturing and Attracting Investments at the EU Level - Project: Optimization of Production Using 3D Printing" and the presentation "Rapid Prototype Development by Using 3D Technology - Examples of Good Practice" will be held at Zagreb Fair during the run of the fair.

BIAM Fair is sponsored by Lorsel Group and WELDING Fair by Elektroda Zagreb.

Tickets are already available online.