About fair

In the year of marking the 110th anniversary of continuous business operations, the Zagreb Ltd. has included the new fair project CroAGRO, International Fair of Agriculture, Agricultural Equipment and Machinery, to be held from 5 - 8 December 2019, into its Calendar of Events for 2019.
Taking into account the economic significance as well as the needs and objectives of the sector targeted by this fair, we have realized all project activities in co-organization with Gospodarski list d.d., in line with its market, media and business status. 
In terms of space, the fair primarily comprises 20,000 m2 of pavilion space (pavilions 7a, 7, 8, 8A, 9, 11A, 11d and 10A), with the possibility of adding pavilions 5 and 6, total size 12,000 m2.

All pavilions are heated and have freight vehicles entry for delivery of exhibits. Pavilions 8, 8A, 9, 11A, 11d and 10A are interconnected.
Pavilions are surrounded by arranged green areas and paved roads enabling direct access of vehicles to freight vehicles entry. Exhibitors located in the pavilions can also display their exhibits at the open-air space taking into account the climate conditions in December.
Moreover, at the open-air space, on some pavilion facades and in front of the Main Gate South exhibitors can put various types of advertisements: billboards, roll-ups, freestanding adverts, flags and other advertisement types during the assembly period and the run of the fair.
For organizing of congress activities the Zagreb Fair can offer Congress Hall with a seating capacity of 1,200, Cres Hall for up to 90 people and Brijuni Hall with 180 seats. According to requirements we can build stages in pavilions for exhibitor presentations and other types of professional events.

Exhibition space prices and discounts

Based on the space and infrastructure preconditions, the following basic prices of exhibiting (VAT not included) have been defined: 

  • 45,00 EUR/m2 – heated pavilion space
  • 15.00 EUR/m2 – open-air space
  • 30.00 EUR/m2 – standard arrangement of pavilion space with Octanorm construction, with possible realization of arrangement according to a special project based on the price list, which also encompasses putting of a single-use carpet at the exhibition space that does not require arrangement
  • 3.00 EUR/m2 – lump sum for energy consumption during the assembly, run and dismantling period of the fair
  • 100.00 EUR/exhibitor – obligatory marketing package that includes entry of data and visual signage in the official segment of the Fair catalogue and a ½ page PR text at www.zv.hr  

Discounts (mutually exclusive):

For early registrations for exhibiting:

  • 10 % to all registration forms for exhibiting to arrive by 30 June 2019
  •   6 % to all registration forms for exhibiting to arrive by 5 October 2019

For exhibition spaces in the pavilions:

  •   5 % for exhibition spaces, size 50 - 99 m2
  • 10 % for exhibition spaces, size 100 - 299 m2
  • 15 % for exhibition spaces, size 300 - 499 m2
  • 20 % for exhibition spaces, size 500 m2 and more

Call for expression of interest in participating in the exhibition segment of the fair

With a portfolio of 20 own fair projects and more than 100 events annually and the status of the founding member of the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry - UFI, the Zagreb Fair has for over a century been a part of the international identity of the City of Zagreb. As the leading trade fair-congress integrator and one of the accelerators of the national economy the Zagreb Fair represents a communication platform for the promotion of development in all branches of the economy of the Republic of Croatia
In this context and following the mentioned organizational features of the fair CroAGRO 2019, we are extending our call to you to express your interest in participating in the exhibition segment of the fair by specifying:

  • required exhibition space size
  • size and arrangement type – with your own staff or ordered with the Zagreb Fair
  • use of discounts, with a remark that early registration does not imply financial commitment, but enables us as organizer timely allocation and arrangement of the space