About fair

INTERLIBER, the 43rd International Book Fair, the most popular fair of Zagreb Fair, will be held from 10 - 15 November and for six days it will be a hot spot for all lovers of books and the written word.

Interliber is the largest literary event in Croatia and a platform for the promotion of books, writers, reading, science and knowledge that brings together the most important publishers and booksellers with a rich offer of current book titles. It is an ideal place to find a long-desired book at a good price, meet the favourite author or get all the necessary literature for school.

Interliber will be held under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and the Mayor of the City of Zagreb, Mr. Milan Bandić.

For the purpose of your safe visit to the fair, all the necessary safety and health measures have been taken according to the instructions of the National Civil Protection Headquarters and the Civil Protection Headquarters of the City of Zagreb:

  • passages between the exhibition spaces have been widened
  • pavilions 5, 6, 7a are available
  • increased number of entrances and exits to and from each pavilion
  • 11-hour opening times for visitors from 10:00 - 21:00 h every day, and on Fridays and Saturdays until 22:00 h
  • the entrance to the Zagreb Fair grounds for visitors is the Main Gate South, where visitors will be registered via the Covid-19 questionnaire and contactless measuring of their body temperature will be carried out
  • upon registration, visitors will receive a free ticket to pass the mechanical barriers, the so-called turnstiles
  • contactless body temperature measurement will be performed in front of the entrance to each pavilion
  • in front of the entrance to each pavilion there will be counters displaying the current number of people in the pavilion, entry will be possible up to the prescribed maximum number of visitors
  • markings have been placed in pavilions to maintain a social distance of 1.5 m
  • special entrances and exits from the pavilion with the recommended one-way flow of people through the pavilions from the entrance to the exit, i.e. contact among people coming in and getting out of the space will be avoided
  • the professional programme will be organized at a separate space on the gallery of the pavilion 5 and at the open-air space
  • Implementation of other epidemiological measures: visitors cannot enter the pavilion space without a protective mask covering their nose and mouth • in each pavilion there will be Covid-19 guards to supervise proper wearing of protective masks and warn the visitors to keep distance in case of larger groups at certain spots • disinfection of chairs, tables, lecterns and PA equipment after each point of the professional programme • ventilation of the pavilion space every 60 minutes • disinfectants at all information points and at several places in each pavilion • other measures in accordance with the active epidemiological framework

Admission to the fair is free.

"A man with a good book in his hands can never be alone" Carlo Goldoni