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At the end of this September, 4 top events will be held in Zagreb under a single roof all at the same time.

These are fairs and the festival dedicated to architecture, design, construction, interior decoration, furniture and art.

For the first time, the fairs Ambienta,, Art Zagreb and the Zagreb Design Week festival will be held in parallel - from 26 September to 1 October 2023, all in one place at Zagreb Fair. The synergistic effect of a joint appearance during 6 days in 7 pavilions and on a total area of 18,000 sq.m. will allow visitors to find out all the news in the field of architecture, construction, furniture and interior decoration, design and art in one place at the same time - all with one ticket.

This great fair event was announced by the Deputy Mayor of the City of Zagreb, Mr. Luka Korlaet, PhD; Chief Conservator in the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia, Mr. Davor Trupković; Zagreb Fair Director, Mrs. Renata Suša; President of the Zagreb Society of Architects, Mr. Tihomil Matković; Art Zagreb Director, Mr. Daniel Tomičić and Co-Director of Zagreb Design Week, Mrs. Tina Marković.

"I expect this unification of thematic fairs and conferences of the creative sector to attract a lot of attention from the interested public, but also to contribute to the incubation of new creative ideas and innovations and the realization of new business collaborations. I would certainly like to see part of this synergy spill over into the urban space of the City, in accordance with the guidelines of the New European Bauhaus: more sustainable, more inclusive, more beautiful", concluded Mr. Korlaet.

The Chief Conservator in the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia, Mr. Davor Trupković, also spoke at the press conference. He emphasized that many historic buildings and churches are currently being renovated in parallel, such as the Cathedral that he had just come from. The system of expert architectural and design tenders will help achieve the highest quality of the expansion of the Banski dvori complex as well as the renovation of the furniture in the Croatian National Theatre. "I welcome the joint gathering of these important events in one place", said Mr. Trupković.

Zagreb Fair Director, Mrs. Renata Suša, emphasized that she is honored and pleased that all four events will be held in one place. It is especially important to highlight that visitors will be able to see exhibitions in 7 pavilions at 18,000 m2. In this way, the promotion of the growth and development of the domestic industry, which Ambienta started in 1972, will continue, and will be showcased at the fair through a retrospective exhibition of past editions of Ambienta. Mrs. Suša invited all exhibitors, as well as visitors, to be part of this important event.

Ambienta, the fair dedicated to furniture and interior design, this year will tell its 50th jubilee story in a new, more luxurious attire in pavilions 8a and 9. During the six days of the fair, both recognized and renowned furniture manufacturers, designers, business and creative people as well as those presenting their brands for the first time will show the best designer pieces, the most unusual product design ideas, diverse innovative solutions and the latest interior design trends.

The conceptually refreshed Ambienta 2023 will tell the most beautiful story about interior decoration, exterior decoration trends and the redesign of home and office spaces through thematic units.

The comprehensive and rich exhibition programme of Ambienta will be complemented by novelties in the field of catering and hotel equipment and the HoReCa programme - the Hotel&Gastroteh Fair. The Ambienta Fair is an ideal platform for displaying the strength and potential of the domestic industry along with the presentation of foreign brands, thus confirming its status of a central business event, whereas visitors can expect numerous special discounts.

President of the Zagreb Society of Architects, Mr. Tihomil Matković, expressed his satisfaction that, with its joint appearance at Zagreb Fair in pavilions 10 and 11, will go one step further from the initial goal of the fair and conference to unite architects, designers and the construction sector, towards design and interior and will thus be able to achieve further connection between the general public and the profession. is one of the largest fairs on construction culture and sustainable development in the region, gathering leading manufacturers and suppliers of the equipment, materials and solutions in architecture and construction. It will be accompanied by a conference organized by the Zagreb Society of Architects. This year's theme of is "Future's habitat / Habitat's future".

The latest materials and technologies for modern and sustainable construction, maintenance and renovation of buildings and the surrounding area will be presented at the fair.

The conference programme will bring together architects, urban planners, builders and other experts who are interested in researching the future of living spaces and the role that architecture and construction will play in shaping our world. The conference raises the question of how spaces will develop to meet the needs of a dynamic and changing world and what strategies in spatial planning, architecture and construction can be applied to shape sustainable, functional and more resilient spaces. is the meeting place for the profession, practice and suppliers and all those who provide answers to numerous questions related to the present and future of spatial planning, design and construction in Croatia and the region, with the aim of answering the complex issue of ensuring an accelerated economic recovery and a green transition to achieve a more sustainable development and boost the society's resilience to future crises.

Find more information at and social networks of the Zagreb Society of Architects and ArhiBau.

Co-Director of Zagreb Design Week, Mrs. Tina Marković, pointed out that it is the only festival among the three fairs and that she is happy that after ten years of its existence it will be held at Zagreb fair for the first time. It will offer visitors diverse content ranging from the youngest to the third age audience, but it will also have a large economic significance.

Zagreb Design Week celebrates its jubilee edition. For ten years, the biggest design event in Croatia has represented all areas of design, from product design and visual communications to fashion and food design. For the first time, the central location will be the pavilion 8 and the open-air space of Zagreb Fair. About twenty of the best furniture manufacturers in Croatia and the world will showcase their novelties at the largest space so far. At the same time, throughout the city, dozens of partner locations will feature design within their own programme.

At Zagreb Design Week, designers from Croatia and the world will present themselves in numerous exhibitions, among which the exhibition of the finalists of the international design award ZGDW Award stands out. This year's topic "AI & I", "Artificial Intelligence and I", deals with the impact of artificial intelligence on design. Does AI threaten the designer's existence or does it help at work? What about copyright? Can artificial intelligence become creative? ZGDW will offer answers with the first exhibition of products designed by artificial intelligence, as well as lectures, panels and workshops where world-renowned experts will talk about the subject. As before, visitors can expect a rich entertaining programme.

Director of the art fair Art Zagreb, Mr. Daniel Tomičić, said that the sixth edition of the fair will be presented for the first time in Zagreb Fair’s pavilion 7. There will be a series of exhibitions, workshops, exhibitions by students of Croatian and foreign academies, but he emphasized that the most important thing is that visitors will be able to see unified works of art from the Croatian market.

Art Zagreb is a venue where you can buy the best works of fine art under a single roof. It was launched in 2018 and quickly established itself as the central event of the Croatian art market. Top quality galleries and artists on the Croatian market are presented in some twenty exhibition spaces. The invitation to exhibit at the sixth Art Zagreb will be announced next week.

Find more information at, and the social networks of the festival and the fair.

The shared message of all fairs and the festival is that exhibitors and visitors are invited to be part of the most important fair event in the country taking place at the end of September at Zagreb Fair, as its content is sure to attract interest from both professionals and the general public.