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Today the biennial business fairs BIAM - 26th International Machine Tool and Tools Fair and WELDING - 29th International Welding and Anticorrosion Fair were opened at Zagreb Fair.

The main sponsor of the Biam&Welding fairs is Elektroda Zagreb d.d., and the partner is DALEKOVOD d.d.

This year's edition will be held in pavilions 8A and 9 at 5,500 sq.m. with participation of 120 exhibitors from 19 countries.

This group of fairs is an opportunity to present to business visitors and partners the latest technological achievements and technologies in the field of machine tools, welding and protection against corrosion.

"Recognized by high business efficiency and a profiled overall offer, Biam&Welding are positioned as the leading fairs in the country whose quality has for years been recognized by the industrial sector, featuring the latest technological solutions in the field. With the mission of a regional fair leader in the sector, during four days the fairs will turn into a business hub with B2B meetings for all existing and potential partners and exhibitors.

To achieve this purpose, we have created Biam&Welding entirely as a business and educational, professional platform with a focus on innovation in the exhibition segment and the market supply of products and services. Long-standing successful fairs will once again bring together leading domestic and foreign exhibitors of the industry under a single roof.

At this year's edition, a step forward was made in the presentation with an emphasis on the synergy of quality and trust. Thus, the value of fairs has been recognized by leading companies and for the first time we have the main sponsor of fairs ELEKTRODA ZAGREB d.d., while the partner company is DALEKOVOD d.d.", said Zagreb Fair Director, Mrs. Renata Suša, on the occasion of the official opening.

"I would like to greet you on behalf of 963 students and 123 school employees. In 2018, our school was named a Regional Competence Center by the Ministry of Science and Education. In 2020, we signed an agreement with the Ministry of Science and Education related to the Operational Program Effective Human Resources 2014-2020. It is especially important to point out that the total value of this part of the project is slightly less than HRK 50 million. Today we are here at the School Day within the scope of the international fairs Biam&Welding as a school that wants to connect with the economy", said Mrs. Đurđica Fuštar, Ruđer Bošković Technical School Head, who thanked the City of Zagreb and Zagreb Fair.

The fairs were opened by Mr. Tomislav Tomašević, Mayor of the City of Zagreb: "What makes me especially happy is that after the standstill of fair activities due to Covid-19, the situation is slowly returning to normal as is the fair activity at Zagreb Fair. I am glad that this year many domestic and foreign companies recognized the opportunity to present themselves to customers and their potential partners at the fairs and that Biam&Welding are making a big comeback. What is especially important to emphasize is the connection between the business community and Zagreb secondary schools, where the City of Zagreb must be some kind of a moderator of this cooperation with city companies such as Zagreb Fair. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the organization of these fairs, and I would like to invite the citizens of Zagreb to visit Zagreb Fair in the course of the next four days and thus contribute to the development of the primary and secondary economic activities in Zagreb and Croatia".

The fairs are open until Friday, 29 April. Working hours: 10:00 -18:00 Admission is free.