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Today Zagreb Fair saw the opening of Dentex, the International Dental Medicine Fair.

"Dentex is the leading regional dental medicine fair, an international fair with more than 300 exhibitors from 33 countries. These are leading manufacturers of dental devices, apparatus, accessories and equipment, who will present new trends and technologies in dental medicine for dental medicine doctors, dental technicians, dental assistants and dental hygienists.
At Zagreb Fair, we nurture partnership relationships extremely well, and one such success story has just been achieved at the Dentex Fair. Our longstanding cooperation with the Croatian Dental Chamber bears witness to strong business relations and commitment to the advancement of the dental profession.
Dentex is a meeting place of tradition and innovation, of the latest achievements in technology, materials and techniques. Here, under the same roof, we can see how the dental profession develops, how it grows and how it prepares for future challenges
," said Renata Suša, Zagreb Fair Director, at the official opening.

"I believe that many people today will talk about dental care for citizens, I believe that there will be a lot of talk about prevention because it is our goal as a profession. 16 years ago, we put the green color in the Dentex logo, the color symbol for sustainability. Today I will talk about green and sustainable dental medicine. It is important to mention how we, as a profession, influence our environment, and in the Chamber we have decided that this will be the topic we intend to promote", stated Prim. Hrvoje Pezo, DDM, PhD, president of the Croatian Dental Chamber.

"I like coming to Zagreb Fair because it is the vibrant center of Zagreb, and I am especially glad to be here this year because now we are marking 70 years since the former mayor Večeslav Holjevac made the decision to start the construction of what was then southern Zagreb and is now Novi Zagreb. Zagreb Fair breathes full lungs with its trade fairs of various kinds," said Luka Korlaet, PhD, Deputy and Envoy to the Mayor of the City of Zagreb.

Aldo Di Biagio, president of the Italian-Croatian Chamber of Commerce and Prof. Željko Krznarić, PhD, president of the Croatian Medical Association addressed the audience as well.

The fair was inaugurated by Assoc. Prof., Vili Beroš, PhD, the Envoy to the Prime Minister of the Republic of Croatia and  Minister of Health, who emphasized: "We have established a comprehensive reform of the Croatian health system with the aim of its recovery. Dental medicine is showing us the direction of our further development. Prevention is what is strongly emphasized through reform activities. I never fail to accentuate the importance of the project of supervised tooth brushing in kindergartens. It is a project teaching our youngest generation the significance of brushing their teeth."

Dentex Fair is held under the auspices of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Croatia and the City of Zagreb.

Dentex is open until Saturday, 8 June. Admission ticket price is EUR 10.00.