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Zagreb Innovation Centre – ZICER

The place where good ideas turn into entrepreneurship
Zagreb Innovation Centre is located on the first floor of the Zagreb Fair’s Pavilion 12.

Goals and tasks:

  • participating in the achievement of the Programme goals to encourage development of crafts, small and medium entrepreneurship in the City of Zagreb,
  • expanding production and technological possibilities of the City of Zagreb,
  • attracting new, modern, high, clean and profitable technologies,
  • promoting entrepreneurship and establishing startups in the field of product development,
  • attracting enthusiastic and capable professionals and enabling them to realize their entrepreneurial ideas,
  • helping young professionals who, after completing their education, intend to work independently or in co-operation with existing entrepreneurs,
  • helping innovators to become entrepreneurs,
  • connecting science, innovation, business and the market,
  • transferring knowledge and expertise,
  • providing business, technical, educational and other services to small businesses. 

More information:

ZICER - Zagreb Innovation Centre Ltd, Pavilion 12/1st floor, e-mail:

Pictures have been downloaded from the Zagreb Innovation Centre’s official Facebook page.