Our halls enable successful organization of congresses, conferences, presentations, receptions and other events.

Halls are easily accessible ftom the mail road Dubrovnik Avenue and dispose of all necessary technology and connections.

For larger events, festivals, concerts and other entertainment and various sports event pavilions are an ideal solution with their seating capacity of ove 2,000 persons.

For organizing events in our pavilions we also offer complete interior arrangement and technical support.

Congress Hall
It is ideal for larger gatherings as it is flexible and can be separated into two parts or separate halls. Tha hall offers a pleasant ambience suitable for organizing all kinds of events.
  • Size (m2): 1.440 m2
  • Maximum capacity: 1.200
  • Maximum seats: 1.200
Winter Garden Hall
The Winter Garden Hall is connected to the Conress Hall by a sliding wall. Due to natural lighting (glass ceiling) and marble floor it is ideal for organizing festive dinners, presentations and workshops for a smaller number of participants. When Congress Hall is in use, Winter Garden can be used for catering activities.
  • Size (m2): 384
  • Maximum capacity: 180
  • Maximum seats: 200
Cress Hall
The hall is located in the lobby of the Congress Center near the main entrance. The floor is carpeted. The format of the hall is suitable for holding seminars, workshops, meetings as well as other events for a smaller number of participants.
  • Size (m2): 135
  • Maximum capacity: 120
  • Maximum seats: 100
Brijuni Hall
Tha hall is located within the business complex of the Zagreb Fair, on the 1st floor.
Its characteristic oval shape makes it acoustic and elegant and therefore interesting for organizing different types of events ranging from business meetings, workshops, seminars to press conferences.
In the upper part of the hall there is a separate room with the equipment for audio-video production and simultaneous interpreting.
  • Size (m2): 201
  • Maximum capacity: 200
  • Maximum seats: 180
Pavilion 5
It is and ideal space for the presentation of your products to a larger number of people.
  • Size (m2): 6.384
  • Maximum capacity: 3.000
  • Note: Pavilion 5 also offers a large gallery space size 4.102 m2.
Pavilion 7
  • Size (m2): 2.422
  • Maximum capacity: 1.000
  • Note: Pavilion 7a can be used as an anteroom of the pavilion 7.
Pavilion 7a
Located near the main entrance (SOUTH I) to the Zagreb Fair. It is an ideal space for smaller exhibitions, workshops and lectures or as an anteroom of the pavilion 7.
  • Size (m2): 456
  • Maximum capacity: 250
Pavilion 8
  • Size (m2): 2.780
  • Maximum capacity: 1.500
Pavilion 8a
  • Size (m2): 2.834
  • Maximum capacity: 1.500
Pavilion 9
  • Size (m2): 2.610
  • Maximum capacity: 1.200
Pavilion 10a
  • Size (m2): 2.134
  • Maximum capacity: 1.000
  • Note: The anteroom of the pavilion 10a and the connection between pavilions 10a and 11A makes a Warm passage size 427 m2.
Pavilion 11A
  • Size (m2): 3.095
  • Maximum capacity: 2.000
Pavilion 11 - Hall a
  • Size (m2): 455
  • Maximum capacity: 300
  • Note: The space is located within the pavilion 11 (China pavilion).
Pavilion 11 - Hall c
  • Size (m2): 455
  • Maximum capacity: 300
Pavilion 11 - Hall d
  • Size (m2): 1.294
  • Maximum capacity: 800
  • Note: Pavilion 11d has a gallery, size 306 m2.