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UFI - The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry

is a non-profit, non-political organization, which in 2004 had 256 full members, including 195 trade fair organizers, 120 exhibition centers and 39 exhibition associations.

UFI was founded in Milan on 15 April 1925 by 20 leading European trade fairs: Bordeaux, Brussels, Budapest, Cologne, Danzig, Frankfurt/Main, Leipzig, Ljubljana, Lvov, Lyon, Milan, Nizhny Novgorod, Padua, Paris, Prague, Reichenberg, Utrecht, Valencia, Vienna and Zagreb.

Initially, the Association was gathering trade fairs of general character and in the mid-60s specialized exhibitions were introduced.

Since 1994 the Association has been joined by trade associations and organizations for statistical control as associate members.

The growing importance of the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry enabled privileged networking with a number of interstate bodies.

UFI is a member of the UN with advisory status, of regional economic commissions of UN, UNIDO, UNCTAD, WTO, ICC (International Chamber of Commerce).

High status and reputation of the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry derives from the fact that membership means a quality guarantee.

Members may obtain UFI approval for international exhibitions as long as they fulfil the conditions set out in the strict UFI Statutes.

UFI has a large number of working groups, committees and advisory bodies and the Annual Assembly.

The Co-operation Committee and the Technical Committee organize educational seminars, which are open both to members and non-members.

Despite its work outside Europe, 70 percent of the total membership comes from Europe, as well as 80 percent of all approved fairs.

With the goal to secure the correct and clear fair statistic data the Zagreb Fair has become an associate member of FKM AUSTRIA, an organization for fair data control.

On the base of its reputation within the business circles FKM sign has been used as a sign for quality, verified and accurate data on the fair events.

OICA – The International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers was founded in 1919 in the Republic of France.

It consists of 39 national trade associations that represent companies from their countries engaged in the production, assembly and import of motor vehicles.

Each year OICA establishes a calendar of international motor vehicle fairs.

OICA approval of motor vehicle fairs means their wide recognition and support by OICA member associations, reflecting the opinion of their members-motor vehicle manufacturers on the importance of these trade fairs on the market.
Zagreb Auto Show was included into the official calendar of OICA – the International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers, as a member of the exclusive family of elite automobile fairs worldwide.